French far-right movement boosted by 28-year-old leader

French politician Jordan Bardella, 28, played a crucial role in the success of the far-right party in the European Parliament elections by attracting young voters. In an interview with TIME magazine in May, Bardella expressed confidence that patriotic activists would become future leaders and lead to victories in both the European Parliament and presidential elections. While this statement was partially true, Bardella led his National Front (RN) party to a dominant win in the recent EP elections, surpassing President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Renaissance party.

The RN’s victory in the EP elections with 33% of the vote compared to Macron’s party’s 16.5% caused Macron to dissolve parliament and call for early elections in an attempt to counter the rise of the far-right. Bardella’s influence extended beyond France as he became Time Magazine’s dubbed new face of the far-right movement in Europe. With over 1.2 million followers on TikTok and support from many young voters, his appeal is undeniable.

Bardella’s upbringing as a working-class immigrant family combined with his early involvement in politics and strategic use of social media made him popular among young voters and those looking for change in French politics. Despite controversies over his social media usage and personal background, Bardella’s rise continues to gain momentum as France gears up for upcoming parliamentary elections. His vision focuses on anti-immigration policies and protectionism, which has garnered support from both young and older voters alike making him an impactful figure on French politics.

In conclusion, Jordan Bardella’s success story highlights how social media can be used strategically to attract younger generations towards political causes that align with their values. His influence is not limited to France alone but has also put him at the forefront of a larger movement that seeks change within European politics through populist ideologies.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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