Customs traffic jam and trade paralysis with the US due to system failure

The merchandise dispatch system experienced interruptions for more than 36 hours, which paralyzed part of international trade in the country. Hundreds of trailers were halted at the Nuevo Laredo customs on the night of February 7, resulting in economic losses totalling 660 million dollars. The logistic problems extended to other customs areas in cities such as Tijuana, Manzanillo, and Ciudad Juárez, leading to delays in imports and exports, and a bottleneck in the system.

As of Thursday, the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM) reported that it was performing a comprehensive system evaluation. The International Bridge III of World Trade, through which 40% of the exchange of goods between Mexico and the United States passes, typically averages 1.3 billion dollars per day. However, operations in the loading area were halted by instructions from the central area starting at 10 p.m., lasting at least 9 hours.

At least 20,000 export and import operations were suspended due to these interruptions, causing serious consequences for the food safety value chain. Given the large number of merchandise awaiting clearance, there are potential problems with the supply of raw materials for food production on both sides of the border. Additionally, there are concerns about losses on both sides and a potential impact on the final consumer.

The gradual reestablishment of merchandise clearance processes was seen in several customs areas on Thursday

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