Dedicated and passionate scientists, not necessarily geniuses

Astrobiologist Antígona Segura Peralta is a pioneer in her field, dedicating her life to the exploration and understanding of the cosmos. As one of the few scientists in Mexico studying this subject, she is passionate about uncovering scientific evidence of life beyond our planet.

Segura Peralta’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious as she discusses her latest research at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Her focus on discovering habitable planets around other stars has led to some fascinating findings, thanks in part to telescopes and cutting-edge instruments.

Despite facing challenges throughout her career, including gender inequality and balancing motherhood with scientific research, Segura Peralta remains committed to inspiring future generations of scientists. She believes that scientific research is not just for geniuses but requires discipline and passion, which she hopes to instill in young people through her work.

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