Attacks on exchanges have not yet impacted the futures market

The Mexican peso has been subject to increased speculative bets in favor of appreciation for 65 consecutive weeks in the futures market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). As of June 4, these positions had increased by 3.14 percent. However, analysts are predicting months of strong volatility for the currency due to various factors, including the post-election environment, sovereign risk rating agencies’ opinions, and the US presidential election results.

Recently, markets have been reacting to the election results in Mexico, leading to increased volatility for the peso and Mexican stock market. With a new Congress potentially making significant changes and upcoming economic decisions, investors are wary of potential state interference in the economy. The Mexican peso depreciated by over 8 percent against the dollar last week, with some experts suggesting it is overvalued compared to other Latin American currencies.

Some analysts are cautious about the future of the Mexican peso, as uncertainties around the economic environment and political decisions continue to weigh on the currency. The revaluation of the peso is closely tied to market sentiment and external factors, such as the US presidential election outcomes and international rating agencies’ opinions.

In conclusion, while speculative bets have been in favor of the Mexican peso appreciating in the futures market, analysts are predicting months of volatility and caution due to various economic and political factors. The future of

By Sophia Gonzalez

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