Local community comes together to support Georgia couple expecting conjoined twins – WSB-TV Channel 2

The Dells from Gay, Ga. received unexpected news around Thanksgiving – they were expecting twin daughters, but the twins were conjoined. The babies, named Amelia and Elhora, are conjoined at the chest and abdomen, and doctors have said they cannot be separated.

The couple is preparing to welcome their daughters in March at Northside Hospital. However, Elhora is missing essential pulmonary arteries that carry blood back to the lungs, meaning she will not be able to breathe on her own after birth. Despite this devastating news, the Dells are finding comfort in their faith and are choosing to focus on the positive memories they will carry with them. They are also grateful for the support of their family and friends and have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical costs.

The Dells received heart-wrenching news that their daughters have a complete fusion of the atrium and ventricles of their hearts, causing them to beat as one heart. Due to this, doctors have stated that it is unlikely the twins will survive after delivery. The couple is preparing themselves for a difficult journey ahead but are determined to love and care for their children no matter what challenges they may face.

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