Lightning strike leaves woman with pendant-shaped burns

A 30-year-old woman who was struck by lightning while cutting vegetables in a field two days ago has regained consciousness. However, her condition remains serious as she sustained burns in the shape of a necklace around her neck. Dr. Luu Cong Chinh from Agricultural General Hospital provided an update this morning, stating that the patient is now conscious and aware of her surroundings, which is a positive sign. The extent of the damage is severe and she will require ongoing monitoring.

The doctor explained that the lightning strike hit the gold necklace the patient was wearing, causing a burn in the shape of the pendant on her neck. She also suffered burns on her face and chest, with severe injuries that have led to her being placed on a ventilator. The hospital has consulted with a doctor from the National Burn Hospital to determine the best treatment plan for the patient, but the prognosis remains uncertain at this time.

Lightning is an electrical discharge that can occur between clouds and the ground, or between different clouds with opposite electrical charges, and can strike anything or anyone with enough elements for it to form. To prevent lightning strikes, it is recommended that people stay informed about weather conditions and take precautions when thunder and signs of a storm are present.

Seeking shelter indoors and avoiding contact with water, electronic devices, and wired phones are all important safety measures. Additionally, individuals should stay away from concrete walls or floors as lightning can travel through wires and metal bars within these structures.

If caught outdoors during a storm, people should find lower areas to avoid hills or mountain tops, steer clear of trees and open spaces, and stay away from electric poles or transmission lines. Avoiding bodies of water and crouching down close to the ground in a curled position can help minimize the risk of injury if lightning strikes.

It is advisable not to stand near others in open areas like parks or beaches to lessen the impact of a lightning strike. It’s important to remember that lightning strikes can be deadly and should never be taken lightly.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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