President Evo Morales of Bolivia advances the MAS congress and invites President Luis Arce to participate in the latest developments.

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has announced that the congress of his party, the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), will take place next Monday. He stated that he has submitted a legal appeal for the electoral body to supervise the meeting where a new board will be elected. Morales explained that invitations have already been sent out to President Luis Arce, Vice President David Choquehuanca, ministers, and ambassadors.

The tensions between Morales and Arce’s ruling bloc have been ongoing since 2021. Last year, differences deepened when a national congress of the party led to Morales being named the “sole candidate” for the 2025 presidential elections. Issues arose when the TSE annulled a congress in 2023 and called for a new consensual one, which the two factions have not agreed upon.

In May, the ‘arcista’ sectors held a congress in El Alto electing a new president for MAS, but the electoral authority rejected the meeting. Both factions must come to an agreement for a new congress. The ‘evista’ bloc has now scheduled their congress for June 10, after moving it up from July 10. The congress will take place in Villa Tunaria, a town in Cochabamba that is known for its political and union strength with MAS. It will have 1,300 regular delegates and at least 20,000 additional attendees.

Morales emphasized that he submitted a memorandum to La Paz’s First Constitutional Chamber requesting precautionary measures to ensure that Congress is supervised by TSE officials. He said that this measure would prevent any manipulation or interference from external parties.

Despite ongoing tensions between Morales and Arce’s ruling bloc

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