Health officials say that illness on Hawaii-bound cruise ship has been contained

Officials in Hawaii have stated that the mysterious gastrointestinal illness that affected over 150 people on a Hawaii-bound cruise ship is now under control. They are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to do so as the ship docks in Honolulu. Health officials are working alongside the CDC to ensure that the situation is contained.

The outbreak occurred on the Queen Victoria between Florida and San Francisco. As of Thursday, 129 passengers and 25 crew members had fallen ill. Despite this, the number of cases decreased significantly by the time the ship arrived in San Francisco due to increased disinfection measures and isolation of affected individuals.

While health officials believe that the symptoms and spread resemble norovirus, they have not yet confirmed its cause. They do not consider the ship’s docking in Honolulu to be a threat to public health in Hawaii. Instead, health officials will continue to work closely with the CDC to monitor the situation on the ship as it arrives in Hawaiian waters.

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