Narrows Town Seeks Outdoor Recreation Business to Stimulate Economic Growth

The town of Narrows in Virginia is concentrating on promoting outdoor recreation in the New River Valley. With its prime location for hiking, biking, and water activities, town manager Terry Nicholson believes that Narrows is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. In an effort to attract businesses that cater to outdoor recreation, the town is searching for someone to run a business that aligns with the available opportunities.

Narrows, located near Wolf Creek, sees potential for an outfitter business that can offer kayaking and other water activities. By bringing in businesses that cater to outdoor recreation, Nicholson hopes to stimulate economic growth and attract more visitors to Narrows. With the recent addition of a hiking trail along the creek leading to a primitive campground on the New River, the town is enhancing its outdoor offerings.

Ralph Robertson, a local resident and avid outdoorsman, has discovered the beauty of Narrows and is excited about the town’s focus on outdoor activities. He appreciates the diverse outdoor amenities in Narrows, including trails, rivers, and creeks, which make it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. As Narrows continues its revitalization efforts, the town is anticipating a high level of interest from businesses looking to capitalize on the outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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