Safety tips for autistic adults during a solar eclipse

In the coming weeks, there will be a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. To safely view this celestial event, it is imperative to follow the guidelines from NASA and protect your eyes with specially made eclipse glasses or welder’s goggles rated 14 or higher. It is also crucial to use specialized solar telescopes or binoculars to view the eclipse without causing any harm to your eyes.

While we have made progress in understanding and recognizing autism in adults, there are still challenges in identifying it in everyday life. Theresa Regan, PhD, the lead neuropsychologist at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, highlights that misconceptions about autism persist, leading many cases going undiagnosed until adulthood. Dr. Regan emphasizes the importance of accurately diagnosing autism in every individual to provide appropriate support and resources.

Autism characteristics may not be immediately recognized until adulthood, especially when navigating complex situations like relationships. Self-awareness is critical for individuals who suspect they may be on the autism spectrum to speak with a medical provider and seek guidance and support for their well-being.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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