Teams in the NCAA now permitted to display corporate logos on their fields

The NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved a new rule that will allow corporate logos on fields for regular-season games in all divisions. This move is a response to the long-overdue reckoning from a system that denied payment to players for decades, resulting in increased expenses for college football.

In order to raise more money and find new revenue streams, schools are now able to place an ad at the 50-yard line with no more than two smaller ads elsewhere on the field. While this may seem like a cash grab, it is a simple way to increase revenues without relying on alumni and other boosters for funding. Corporate logos have been part of the bowl season for a long time, so fans should become accustomed to seeing them on fields during regular-season games.

The introduction of corporate logos adds a competitive element between programs and players. Companies have limited advertising budgets, and schools will now be vying for that money to display on their fields. Meanwhile, players will be hoping to earn some of that money for themselves. This new rule adds further chaos to a system that is already experiencing turmoil, as it navigates the financial challenges of compensating players while dealing with escalating costs.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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