Neogen Introduces CelluSmart Technology for the Biofuel Industry

John Adent, Neogen’s President and CEO, highlighted the success of the ethanol industry in providing low-carbon renewable energy. With the new CelluSmart technology, the industry can build on its knowledge in fiber and carbohydrate method development to support growth and promote a more sustainable world. Adent expressed excitement for producers to have access to this highly anticipated technology through Neogen’s partnership with the biofuel industry.

The goal is to strengthen the relationship with the industry and contribute to a more sustainable future. The CelluSmart technology is integrated into ASTM Method E-3417-24, meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for an approved method from a voluntary consensus standards body. This demonstrates the credibility and reliability of the technology in producing low-carbon fuels and supporting the ethanol industry’s efforts in advancing towards a more sustainable future.

The CelluSmart technology has great potential to help ethanol producers further reduce carbon intensity scores, which can help them access new markets, including sustainable aviation fuel. This will lead to significant advancements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to standard petroleum-based fuel, helping to achieve climate goals.

Neogen has been at the forefront of developing innovative technologies that promote sustainability and improve efficiency across various industries. With its long-standing partnership with the biofuel industry, Neogen continues to support efforts towards a more sustainable future by providing producers with cutting-edge technologies like CelluSmart that enable them to produce low-carbon fuels while reducing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, CelluSmart is a revolutionary technology that allows ethanol producers to fully realize their efforts in producing low-carbon fuels. The D3 RINs generated from in-situ production represent significant value and demonstrate how this technology can help advance towards climate goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to standard petroleum-based fuel. By partnering with Neogen and using innovative technologies like CelluSmart, ethanol producers can build on their knowledge and expertise in fiber and carbohydrate method development while promoting sustainability across industries.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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