Decreasing liquidity in stock exchange during market downturn

Neste’s sales margin outlook for renewable products has been revised downward. The company now expects a comparable sales margin of $480-650 per ton, instead of the previous $600-800. This revision was due to several factors, including the drop in the market price of diesel and the continued decline in the prices of biotics and biofuel proofs in the United States during the second quarter. However, waste and residual raw material prices have remained stable.

Investors are focused on US inflation figures for April, which will be announced at 15:30 Finnish time. Meanwhile, oil refiner InnoTech warned last night about its results, which disappointed investors. The decline in guidance also affected Neste’s renewable products sales margin outlook, leading to dismay among investors.

Neste was clearly the most traded share in the afternoon, with EUR 87 million traded. The course had fallen by 12.3 percent to 19.46 euros. According to Neste, the drop in market prices had affected their sales price outlook for renewables. Analysts from Vara Research service had previously forecasted that Neste’s renewable products would have a sales margin of $643 per ton this year within a range of $600-723 dollars per ton. However, there is now clear downward pressure in these forecasts due to this revision by Neste.

Inderes analyst Petri Gostowski considered it possible that there may be internal problems behind this bill as well. In addition to this revision by Neste, Citi also reduced its target price for the company and Nordea and JP Morgan lowered their target prices and recommendations as well

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