Kazakhstan Aims for Complex Economic Reboot Following Cabinet Reshuffle

President Tokayev is determined to leave behind a challenging period and revitalize his economic reform plans after a cabinet reshuffle. The newly appointed Prime Minister, Olzhas Bektenov, is tasked with overseeing the government’s daily operations. Bektenov, 43, brings with him a law degree and experience in Kazakhstan’s law enforcement and anti-corruption bodies. Prior to becoming Prime Minister, he served as the head of President Tokayev’s inner circle as the head of the presidential administration for over a year.

The reshuffle signals that President Tokayev is keen on pushing forward with his economic reform agenda and is looking for new leadership to help drive this change. With Bektenov’s background in law enforcement and anti-corruption, there is potential for a renewed focus on tackling these issues as part of the government’s reform efforts. As the country looks to rebound from a challenging period, it remains to be seen what new strategies and policies Bektenov and the Tokayev administration will introduce to stimulate economic growth and development.

Overall, Kazakhstan’s economic reform plans under President Tokayev’s leadership have taken a fresh start with the cabinet reshuffle.

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