New Washington Health Data Privacy Law Poses Potential Legal Risks

The My Health My Data Act, which goes into effect next week in Washington state, is set to bring new litigation and enforcement risks for businesses. This legislation, passed in response to the US Supreme Court’s reversal of a federal abortion right in April 2023, provides some of the most extensive health information privacy protections in the country. As a result, even companies not traditionally involved in health data may be targeted in costly legal actions for perceived violations.

Under this law, Washington residents are guaranteed strong privacy rights concerning their health information. However, businesses must carefully review their data practices to ensure compliance with the new regulations and avoid potential legal consequences. In particular, businesses that may not have previously considered themselves as dealing with health data are now realizing they could be subject to legal action under the My Health My Data Act.

The broad scope of this legislation means that companies of all sizes and industries must take proactive steps to protect the privacy of their customers’ health information. Moving forward, businesses must be vigilant in understanding and adhering to the My Health My Data Act to avoid costly legal battles and reputation damage. By taking steps now to secure and protect health-related data, companies can minimize their exposure to litigation risks and demonstrate a commitment to respecting their customers’ privacy rights.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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