New health care provider to take over at Mecklenburg County jail following early contract termination

In May, the Mecklenburg County Detention Center will receive its healthcare services from a new company, VitalCore Health Strategies. Based in Kansas, VitalCore was chosen over five other companies that submitted proposals for the contract. Although a contract has not been signed yet, discussions are underway and Sheriff Garry McFadden expressed excitement about the new partnership with VitalCore.

However, VitalCore is currently facing legal challenges. The Delaware ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging substandard medical care in the state’s prisons since it took over in July. This lawsuit adds to a pattern of legal troubles for healthcare providers in correctional facilities. In a previous investigation by The Charlotte Observer, it was reported that Wellpath, the jail’s former medical provider, had a history of lawsuits from families of individuals who suffered harm or died in North Carolina facilities. Wellpath often settled these lawsuits as evidenced by state and federal court records.

Sheriff McFadden has not commented on the ongoing lawsuit against VitalCore in Delaware. However, he stated that this collaboration represents a shared commitment to changing the culture and philosophy within the detention center. The transition to VitalCore Health Strategies is expected to begin on May 19th and will bring new changes to healthcare services at the facility.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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