Jordan and Israel agree to extend water supply agreement for six more months

In an effort to maintain stability and security in the region, Israel has agreed to extend its agreement with Jordan to supply fresh water for six months. Under the 1994 peace treaty, Israel provides Jordan with 50 million cubic meters of water annually, but in 2021, an additional 50 million cubic meters was signed for three years, which expired in May. The Jordanian authorities requested a five-year extension of the agreement, but Israel made reducing inflammatory and anti-Israeli rhetoric a condition for renewing the treaty.

On May 16, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Eli Cohen signed an extension of the agreement with Jordan for six months. This decision was influenced by reports of Jordanian aircraft assisting in intercepting Iranian drones heading towards Israel and allowing Israeli and American aircraft to operate in Jordan for security purposes. Initially, Cohen planned to extend the contract for a year, but ultimately extended it for six months after a series of meetings. He emphasized the importance of using resources to strengthen Israel’s position in the region, particularly in the face of threats from groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

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