Venu Sports: The New Streaming Service from Disney-Fox-Warners

Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox are set to launch a new sports-focused streaming service called Venu Sports this fall. The platform aims to provide sports fans with a collection of live sports all in one place, outside of the traditional pay TV ecosystem. CEO Pete Distad is excited about the brand, stating that they are focused on delivering a high-quality product for their target audience using the latest technologies.

The website for Venu Sports has recently launched at, where it teases the future home of sports streaming. The site promises to bring together the most sought-after live sports from top leagues and teams in a new app designed specifically for sports fans. While the streaming service was first announced in February, it still needs to secure regulatory approval and finalize an agreement between the companies involved. Fox is currently leading the efforts to launch the platform, with a label on the website indicating that the launch is contingent on regulatory approval and is expected to take place in Fall 2024.

In conclusion, Venu Sports is set to revolutionize the sports streaming landscape by providing fans with a one-stop access point for live games. The platform’s focus on technology and user experience promises to engage and entertain sports enthusiasts as they enjoy their favorite games and events. With the launch planned for Fall 2024, sports fans can look forward to a new and exciting way to experience sports content outside of traditional TV options.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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