Verizon highlights life-saving technology for hurricane season

Verizon’s Senior Director of Network, Ken Flowers, recently showcased new technology in collaboration with central North Carolina law enforcement officers to enhance safety during the hurricane season. The James Hunt horse complex across from Carter-Finley Stadium was filled with an array of technology and tools, demonstrating the capability to provide assistance during emergencies.

Ken emphasized the importance of connectivity in today’s world and how these devices can ensure communication during storms and other significant events. He highlighted a large red camper that can be quickly deployed for scenarios like finding a lost hiker in the woods.

Mobile units such as those deployed at Dix Park for Dreamville or the upcoming 4th of July celebration play a role in boosting cell signal. However, the technology becomes even more crucial during natural disasters, where it can make a significant difference in providing essential services to those affected.

Duke Energy also emphasized the importance of smart, self-healing technology in reducing outage impacts and restoring power quickly. The goal is to have this technology covering 80% of customers in the near future, with improved communication networks for faster storm modeling and damage assessments.

Sergeant Marcus Bethea of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol emphasized the critical role technology plays in emergency response, especially during events like Hurricane Florence. He recounted the shift from a time when having a laptop in a vehicle was unheard of to now being a necessity in the field.

Duke Energy relies on a variety of tools and technologies to assist crews in outage restoration after major storms. While technology doesn’t replace the hard work of the men and women in the field, it can help shorten outages and restore service faster when customers need it the most.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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