Countdown to the Todde Council: Revealing the First Names of Sardinia

Alessandra Todde, the newly elected president of the Sardinia Region, is working to finalize an agreement on the future council with the centre-left Campo Largo parties. The selection of councilors will be guided by criteria such as competence, gender equality, representativeness, and territoriality, while taking into account the coalition forces’ indications.

The Democratic Party, which led the coalition in the elections held on 25 February, is seeking to assign key positions within the Regional Council. Names for positions such as presidency and vice-presidency of the council and various departments will be proposed to Todde by the Democratic Party in coming days. Meanwhile, it has been reported that M5S may take charge of Health and Work departments with a possibility of appointing a technician to lead Health department.

Alleanza Verdi Sinistra could be responsible for public works while Orizzonte Comune is looking forward to control over Tourism, Crafts and Commerce. Sinistra Futura aims to oversee Culture and Public Education department. Several potential candidates are being considered for these positions including re-elected regional councilors in their respective areas.

As final decisions are made and council roles are distributed among coalition parties, Todde and her team are working hard to ensure that the future council reflects diverse interests and priorities of Sardinia region.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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