Newxel expands operations in Israel: Meet the man driving the strategy

As the new General Manager of Newxel in Israel, Dembovski will play a crucial role in expanding the company’s IT teams for international customers, with a particular focus on Israel. The company’s strategic vision involves entering new markets, establishing strategic partnerships, and streamlining sales processes to maintain its leadership in the IT services industry and enhance customer relationships.

Under Dembovsky’s leadership, Newxel will also develop services at its headquarters in Israel, ensuring that top talent teams are aligned with the research and development needs of major software companies. By strengthening Newxel’s presence in Israel, the company aims to not only consolidate its position in the local market but also improve its global strategy and operations.

In an interview with us, Dembovsky expressed his excitement about leading Newxel’s operations in Israel and his commitment to building high-performing teams that drive growth. He looks forward to leveraging his managerial experience to advance Newxel’s mission and contribute to its success in the dynamic IT industry.

Newxel’s CEO, Andrii Bezruchko, praised Dembovsky’s appointment, highlighting his expertise, industry knowledge, and strategic vision as valuable assets to the company. This move underscores Newxel’s dedication to offering a range of IT solutions, particularly in bolstering development capabilities, aiming to position itself as the leading IT firm in Israel.

Overall, Dembovski’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Newxel’s journey toward achieving its goals and delivering exceptional IT services to its clientele.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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