Nokia Analyst Speculates on Potential Sale of Company Segments

In the Markkinaraati program, network equipment company Nokia faced challenges that were evaluated by experts. Despite the results exceeding expectations, the past year was a disappointment overall. Portfolio manager Juuso Kenkkilä presented pessimistic forecasts at the Market Council a year ago, expressing his frustration with being negative about Nokia year after year.

Sari Lounasmeri, CEO of the Stock Exchange Foundation, believes that Nokia’s problem lies in sales and networking. She cited the billion-dollar contract that Nokia lost to Ericsson in December as an example of this issue. The experts also discussed the possibility of a purchase arrangement in Nokia, with Inderes analyst Atte Riikola suggesting that part or parts of Nokia should be sold.

The Market Council also considered how the recession would affect earnings season and dividend spring. The rise in the Helsinki Stock Exchange that started last fall was discussed by portfolio manager Juuso Kenkkilä, CEO Sari Lounasmeri, and analyst Atte Riikola.

Atte Riikola emphasized the need for Nokia to achieve reasonable profitability and shared insights on how to do so. The experts also discussed the difficulties and potential solutions for Nokia’s mobile phone networks, where market growth is limited. The broadcast was hosted by Minna Karkkola, a journalist from Uuu Suomen.

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