Vetiver Technology Equips Farmers in North Leeward to Fight Erosion

Hand2Earth recently held its 4th workshop for farmers in North Leeward, with a focus on Vetiver Systems Technology. From 18th to 22nd March, the training was conducted in Rose Bank and attended by farmers from Petite Bordel, Rose Bank, Troumaca, Rose Hall, and Spring Village. The workshop was sponsored by the GEF Small Grants Programme and saw a total of 21 farmers receive instruction on the theory, science, and practical applications of Vetiver Systems Technology.

During the workshop, farmers gained hands-on experience in various aspects of Vetiver Systems Technology, including land contouring, plant preparation, planting, and soil microbiology. Soil samples from their farms were also tested to determine pH levels and soil composition. In addition to the training provided by Hand2Earth, the GEF Small Grants Programme also funded four vetiver nurseries to be established in Belmont, Troumaca Bottom, and Bottom Village.

Since Hand2Earth’s Farmland Restoration initiative began in 2022, a total of 55 farmers in the North Leeward area have received training in Vetiver Systems Technology. This technology has proven highly effective for erosion control, groundwater retention, and restoring soil quality for improved crop yield. Participants are supported throughout the process by being provided with plants

By Sophia Gonzalez

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