Progress reported in negotiations between Iraq and Kurdistan on resuming oil exports

The Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Government and the federal government in Baghdad are on the brink of reaching an agreement to resume oil exports from Kurdistan, which were halted in 2023 due to a ruling by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Turkey had been found guilty of violating the 1973 treaty by allowing Kurdish oil transit without Baghdad’s consent. This led to negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad regarding the distribution of profits from oil exports.

During this time, Kurdistan had been one of Israel’s major suppliers of oil, further complicating the situation. In November 2023, Iraqi Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul-Ghani had previously stated that an agreement was close, but ultimately the parties were unable to come to a resolution. Now, it seems that they are once again making progress towards resuming oil exports and finding a solution that satisfies both sides. However, it remains uncertain whether this latest effort will be successful or if there will be further delays in reaching an agreement.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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