Sam Altman believes that the Vision Pro is the second most remarkable technology since the iPhone.

Recently, OpenAI CEO publicly spoke about the Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset that was released just days before. In his statement, he mentioned ChatGPT as a potentially more impressive technology than the headset. Despite being hailed as the second most impressive invention in over a decade when compared to other tech-based items, some critics are skeptical of its impact on reality.

The Vision Pro allows users to interact with digital media that is superimposed over the real world. Users can control the device using their eye and finger movements to make selections or commands. While this technology has certainly changed how people experience media, some insiders believe it could be surpassed by another innovation – artificial intelligence.

The CEO of OpenAI loves his invention but had some critiques as well. He believes that the name of the device is too common and should be changed in order to differentiate it from other products on the market. Despite these concerns, however, there is no doubt that the Vision Pro has already made an impact on how people experience digital media and will continue to do so in the future.

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