Oscar Health Exceeds Earnings Expectations in Full Year 2023

In 2023, Oscar Health (NYSE: OSCR) reported a 47% increase in revenue to US$5.86b compared to the previous year. The company’s net loss decreased by 55% to US$270.7m, resulting in a loss of US$1.22 per share, an improvement from the US$2.85 loss in 2022.

Oscar Health’s earnings per share (EPS) beat analyst expectations by 5.8%, while revenue met estimates. Looking ahead, the company is forecasted to experience an average annual revenue growth of 27% over the next two years, significantly outperforming the expected 5.8% growth for the Insurance industry in the US.

The American Insurance industry has been performing well, with Oscar Health’s shares up by 26% from a week ago. However, there are two warning signs in the company’s investment analysis that investors should be aware of.

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