The Panthers are absent from prime time slots on NFL’s schedule

In the upcoming NFL season, the Carolina Panthers are predicted to face challenges, with low expectations from betting odds, fans, media and even the NFL schedule makers. The 2024 NFL schedule reflects this sentiment as the Panthers are notably absent from any prime time games this season. However, they do have one standout game scheduled, a 9:30 a.m. ET kickoff against the Giants in Munich, Germany during Week 10. This unique game will be the only opportunity for the Panthers to have the undivided attention of NFL fans.

Despite their lack of prime time slots, there is still a possibility for the Panthers to be flexed into a national television window through flexible scheduling. This would only occur if the Panthers exceed expectations and prove to be a much stronger team than anticipated. Nevertheless, the NFL seems determined to keep the Panthers out of prime time games, showcasing the low expectations surrounding the team for the upcoming season.

The Panthers have faced several challenges in recent seasons, including injuries and inconsistent play on offense and defense. However, new head coach Matt Rhule has brought in a new coaching staff and roster that is determined to turn things around. Rhule has also focused on improving team chemistry and building strong relationships between players and coaches.

In addition to their struggles on field, off-field issues have also contributed to their poor performance. The team has been plagued by ownership turmoil and financial difficulties in recent years.

With these challenges in mind, it’s clear that the Panthers will need more than just good play on field to overcome their obstacles. They will need strong leadership from Rhule and his staff as well as support from ownership and management.

While it may not be easy for them this season, there is still hope for improvement for the Carolina Panthers. With some hard work and determination from all parties involved, they can overcome their challenges and achieve success both on and off-the field.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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