Tyquan Thornton aims to improve health by increasing weight for play

Patriots wide receiver Tyquan Thornton is focused on making changes to his body in order to increase his playing time for the upcoming 2024 season. In his first two seasons, Thornton was limited to 22 games due to injuries sustained during preseason. These injuries occurred while he was going to the ground, prompting him to work on gaining more muscle to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

In a statement to reporters on Thursday, Thornton mentioned that he has been putting in the effort to bulk up and strengthen his body in key areas. He emphasized the importance of being able to withstand impacts and quickly recover after hitting the ground. By adding more muscle, Thornton hopes to be more resilient and avoid injuries that have hindered his playing time in the past.

Thornton’s determination to improve his physical condition is a positive step towards achieving the team’s goal of consistent contributions from all players on offense. With 35 catches, 338 yards, and two touchdowns under his belt so far in his career, Thornton is striving to become a more reliable and productive player for the Patriots.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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