South Carolina Health Department Shares Findings from Private Well PFAS Sampling Project

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) recently provided an update on their project to measure man-made chemicals known as PFAS in private wells. These chemicals, which have been used in everyday items such as nonstick cookware, food packaging, cosmetic products, and dental floss, can be harmful if ingested in large amounts.

Thanks to funding from the state legislature, DHEC has been able to collect data on PFAS levels in private wells across the state. Their Private Well PFAS Sampling Project has already tested over 353 wells, with over 50% testing negative for PFAS. However, the sources of PFAS contamination are not immediately clear and DHEC is still working on identifying them.

PFAS are undetectable by taste or smell, so the only way to know for sure if they are present in water is through a sample. South Carolina residents who are concerned about the quality of their private well water can request a test through DHEC’s website. So far, 271 requests have been made and 249 have been fulfilled. DHEC recommends investing in a carbon filtration system approved by the National Sanitation Foundation to reduce PFAS levels in water.

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