Pharmacists secure improved health insurance after May strike

The Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF) announced in May that they had reached new pricing conditions with Health Insurance, committing the entire profession to the agreement. This included increases in fees that would secure the activity of pharmacy companies and provide essential support for local pharmacies. The FSPF revealed that these increases in dispensing fees, on-call fees, and payments would begin this year and next year. Additionally, pharmacies in difficulty could receive a subsidy of up to 20,000 euros.

As part of ongoing negotiations that began at the end of 2023, the Union of Community Pharmacists’ Unions (Uspo) declined to sign the agreement immediately. The Uspo cited concerns about the lack of commitment from the government to provide remuneration for the substitution of biosimilars as their reason for holding off on signing. However, the Minister Delegate in charge of Health had promised to publish a decree granting pharmacists the same margin for biosimilar medicines as for original medicines.

The president of Uspo emphasized the importance of increased fees for pharmacists and expressed doubts about the network’s future. Despite acknowledging progress made with the agreement and new regulatory framework, FSPF recognized ongoing challenges within industry as demonstrated by Uspo’s decision to hold off on signing. The differing perspectives between two unions highlighted complexities in negotiating terms that would benefit all parties involved.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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