5 exercises for sedentary individuals to improve blood pressure balance

Cycling, swimming, and yoga are all great ways to relax the mind, support stable heart rate, improve breathing and blood circulation, and prevent high blood pressure. Walking is another easy form of exercise that can help improve heart function, reduce pressure on arteries, and protect joints and feet. Beginners can start with 5 minutes of walking and gradually increase the duration.

Martial arts provide a full-body workout that can widen blood vessels and regulate the cardiovascular system, leading to lower blood pressure over time. Yoga is also effective at reducing stress, improving mental health, and controlling heart rate. It can help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension through meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga movements. However, extreme sports like skydiving or scuba diving should be avoided by those with high blood pressure due to the risk of sudden increases in blood pressure.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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