Encore in Piedmont: Cirio leads in Cagliari, Modena, and Bergamo, Pescara on the right, with Florence and Perugia in the following round

The municipal and regional elections in Italy were held on Sunday, with a total of 3,716 municipal administrations being renewed. In the Piedmont regional election, Alberto Cirio from the Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai received a whopping 55.7% of the votes, securing his position as the center-right candidate. He was immediately congratulated by various politicians who recognized his success in the election.

In other municipal elections, there were notable victories for candidates from both the center-left and center-right. In Cagliari, Massimo Zedda from the center-left won a resounding victory over his opponents. Meanwhile, Carlo Masci from the center-right was re-elected as mayor of Pescara with flying colors. Luca Salvetti from the center-left also celebrated his re-election as mayor of Livorno. In Rovereto, Giulia Robol made history by becoming the first female mayor in the city’s long history.

The center-left confirmed their mayoral victories in several cities across Italy, including Bergamo, Modena, Cesena, Pesaro, and Prato. On the other hand, the center-right held onto their mayorships in Ferrara, Ascoli Piceno, and Pavia. However, there are still run-offs to be held in Potenza, Florence, Bari

By Sophia Gonzalez

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