New Voting Security Technology Piloted in Weld County

Weld County implemented a new security measure during the last election, marking the first time such a feature was put in place in the county. The 2023 election saw ballots printed on paper stock with high resolution images that were only visible under special equipment, as reported by The Greeley Tribune.

As part of a pilot program, Weld County served as a test site for this unique security feature. With its 222,064 active registered voters, the county aimed to ensure the integrity and security of the election process. The special paper stock used for the ballots contained high resolution images that could only be seen with special equipment, adding an extra layer of security to the election.

The introduction of GHOSTmark technology marked a significant innovation in Weld County’s efforts to maintain the integrity and security of its elections. By implementing this unique security feature, Weld County demonstrated its commitment to protecting the voting process and ensuring that every vote is counted accurately.

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