Caliente Wins Big at the World Pizza Games

Caliente Pizza, a renowned establishment in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, is not just known for its delectable pizzas but also its world-champion pizza tossers. Matt Hickey, one of the pizza tossers at Caliente Pizza, has been showcasing his unique ability to evenly stretch the dough without any thin spots since he discovered the World Pizza Games at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

The World Pizza Games attract pizza professionals from all over the world to compete in various competitions like freestyle acrobatic dough tossing, largest dough stretch, and a pizza triathlon. Hickey has been participating in these games for years and has won numerous awards, including three titles and three world championships.

This year at the World Pizza Games, Hickey took home silver for freestyle acrobatic dough tossing and gold for largest dough stretch, demonstrating his unmatched skills as one of the best pizza tossers in the world. Despite his multiple accolades, Hickey remains humble and continues to impress with his talent for tossing pizzas.

Visiting Caliente Pizza offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of tasting a pizza that was expertly tossed by one of the best in the business. The results of the World Pizza Games can be found online, highlighting the impressive skills of pizza professionals from around the world, including Matt Hickey’s exceptional talent at Caliente Pizza.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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