Europe’s upcoming road camera: The all-seeing, infallible technology

Vitronic Machine Vision, a Polish company, has developed a new type of traffic camera called Poliscan that captures everything happening on the roads. These cameras are precise and certified, with footage that cannot be overturned in court. The cameras are housed on poles and record in all directions, with one measurement system monitoring multiple traffic lanes. They are able to detect approaching and departing traffic and record vehicles moving in opposite directions, ensuring accurate recording of violations even in heavy traffic.

The cameras operate using laser measurement technology, making it impossible to alter footage of vehicles traveling at high speeds, even if they are driving parallel. The quality of the recordings is not affected by weather or traffic conditions. Vitronic offers the new devices in three configurations – as a column with a series of cameras, on a tripod, or in a housing that resembles the back of a camper. The cameras stop recording only after a vehicle reaches a speed of 320 km/h.

Vitronic’s Poliscan cameras provide an efficient solution for monitoring road traffic and enforcing traffic laws. With their advanced technology and versatile configurations, they offer high levels of accuracy and effectiveness in recording violations and promoting road safety.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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