The White House criticizes the special counsel for their “unnecessary and unsuitable” criticism of Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris has criticized the report as politically motivated, while the White House has condemned special counsel Robert Hur for criticizing President Joe Biden in his report on the retention of classified documents. White House spokesman Ian Sams called the criticism of Biden “gratuitous and inappropriate,” stating that it was out of line to suggest that Biden could not remember when his son died.

The report has sparked discussions among Republicans about the Twenty-fifth Amendment, which outlines the procedures for replacing the president with the vice president in case of incompetence or other incapacitation. Vice President Harris and others have expressed their disapproval of the report, with Harris stating that as a former prosecutor, she expects a higher level of integrity and accuracy.

The Twenty-fifth Amendment allows for the replacement of the president by the vice president in the event of incompetence or temporary incapacity. It also states that the vice president will assume office if the president dies, is impeached, or resigns. This has led to discussions and considerations among Republicans, such as sending a letter to the Attorney General for this purpose.

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