Dr. Ed Lynch, Political Science Professor, Examines Challenges Confronting Both Sides in Anticipation of Decision 2024

As the primary season heats up and Super Tuesday approaches on March 5, concerns about President Biden’s mental standing are at the forefront of American minds. Dr. Ed Lynch, a political science professor at Hollins University, has raised serious concerns about the president’s memory issues. He points out that two-thirds of Americans have expressed worry about Biden’s mental state, especially after he claimed to have conversations with deceased world leaders and struggled to remember his time as vice president.

In addition to concerns about Biden’s mental standing, both Biden and Trump have been accused of removing classified materials from the White House. Lynch believes that Trump may have the upper hand in this situation, as there are pending charges against him while there are no charges against President Biden. Trump is currently facing 40 federal criminal counts in his classified documents case.

With both Biden and Trump facing concerns, Lynch sees an opportunity for Nikki Haley to win the Republican nomination. He points to the upcoming South Carolina primary on February 24 as a crucial moment for Haley, who was governor there. She needs to beat Donald Trump in order to advance in the nomination process, and Lynch notes that she is currently polling better against Biden than Trump is.

Lynch believes that Republicans would be able to relax more if Haley were at the top of the ticket, rather than Trump, heading into the November election. With the primary season in full swing, these concerns and developments could have a significant impact on the upcoming election.

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