Pope Francis addresses presence of gay men in Italian seminaries

Pope Francis has issued an apology after using homophobic language during a private meeting with bishops that was later leaked to the press. In the conversation, he had advised against allowing homosexual candidates to enter seminaries, using a derogatory term towards LGBT individuals. The Vatican later clarified that the Pope did not intend to offend anyone and expressed regret for using inappropriate language.

The leaked conversation addressed the issue of openly homosexual candidates seeking admission to seminaries. During the discussion, Pope Francis reportedly stated that it was better not to ordain individuals with a homosexual tendency to avoid them leading a double life or facing problems in the future. While his comments were made in a colloquial tone, they sparked controversy and backlash.

The incident caused outrage among LGBTQ groups and some practicing Catholics who support the homosexual community. The Pope’s previous statements, such as “Who am I to judge?” in reference to gay priests, seemed contradictory to the language used in the leaked conversation. The Vatican has strict rules regarding homosexual candidates for the priesthood to prevent individuals from entering the seminary to escape their own sexual orientation.

The Pope’s remarks have prompted calls for him to reconsider the language he uses and be more mindful of how his words may be interpreted. While the Vatican continues to uphold its stance on admitting homosexual candidates to seminaries, the issue remains a contentious one within the Catholic Church.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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