A Diplomatic Race to Secure the Gaza Truce

In the midst of a high-stakes showdown between diplomacy and escalation, US President Joe Biden’s proposals have become the focal point of international attention. Along with leaders from 16 European and Latin American countries, President Biden issued a joint statement calling on Hamas and Israel to make necessary concessions for a ceasefire agreement in Gaza. The German and British leaders have confirmed their support for this effort.

Meanwhile, during the 80th-anniversary commemoration of the Normandy landings, the United States and France expressed full support for President Biden’s proposal. While Egypt reported receiving positive signals from Hamas regarding the ceasefire, Israel expressed opposition to the amended American resolution in the Security Council. Despite pressure from international leaders, Israeli leaders continue to reject an end to the conflict as a condition for releasing hostages.

The situation escalated further when the Israeli army conducted a deadly attack at an UNRWA school in the Nuseirat camp in Gaza, resulting in 40 deaths and numerous injuries among displaced individuals. The United Nations Secretary-General condemned the bombing, calling it a horrific example of the toll on civilians. The European Union called for an investigation into the airstrike, with reports revealing that Israel used American ammunition in the attack.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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