NCAA calls for states to prohibit player prop bets, with support from all other sports.

Prop bets, a type of wager tied to a specific player’s performance in a given game, have become increasingly popular in the world of sports betting. While they can be exciting for some, I believe that they distort the true spirit of sports and reduce players to mere props in a gambling environment.

Prop bets are vulnerable to outside influences, such as individuals attempting to manipulate a player to exit a game early with a fake injury in order to impact the outcome of the bet. This is particularly concerning for college athletes, as the NCAA has expressed concern about the integrity of these types of bets and is encouraging states to ban them. NCAA President Charlie Baker emphasized the need to protect student-athletes and maintain the integrity of the game.

The potential for abuse extends beyond just players and fans who bet on them. The financial implications for leagues like the NFL, which benefits financially from sports betting through sponsorships and team owners with stakes in sportsbook companies, make it unlikely that individual prop bets will be banned anytime soon. Despite these risks, however, it is important that we continue to work towards protecting players and maintaining the integrity of sporting events.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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