Shocking Discoveries: Women in Prostitution in Israel Struggling with Substance Abuse and Dental Issues

A research study conducted by Dr. Yaniv Meir, in collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Periodontology, analyzed the medical condition of approximately 80 female patients over the years 2020-2023. This study included 40 women from a prostitution ring and 40 from the general population. The researchers examined panoramic x-rays, clinical examination findings, missing teeth, bone loss, and dental decay to create an index for comparing the patients’ dental health.

The results of the study revealed that women engaged in prostitution had more complex oral health issues compared to the general population. They had a significantly higher rate of missing teeth, severe tooth decay, and a higher prevalence of denture use. The researchers also found that a large percentage of these women engaged in alcohol consumption and drug use as a coping mechanism for their work, leading to poor oral hygiene and dental issues.

Dr. Yaniv Meir emphasized the increased risk of oral diseases among women engaged in prostitution due to their lifestyle habits. Excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, and smoking all contribute to a negative impact on dental health. The study highlights the importance of providing support and assistance to this vulnerable population for better oral health outcomes.

In conclusion, this research study conducted by Dr. Yaniv Meir and colleagues sheds light on the complex oral health issues faced by women engaged in prostitution compared to the general population. The study’s findings underscore the need for targeted interventions aimed at improving oral hygiene practices and reducing risk factors for oral diseases among this vulnerable population.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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