Louisiana to Prohibit Prop Bets on College Players Beginning August 1st

In a move to protect the integrity of sports betting and ensure the safety and well-being of college athletes, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB) has issued an order prohibiting player prop bets in college sports starting on Aug. 1. LGCB Chairman Ronnie Johns emphasized that this decision was made in response to growing concerns about the impact of prop bets on the integrity of college sports and the harassment of student and professional athletes.

The NCAA had previously called for increased scrutiny surrounding player props in college athletics, citing rising issues with prop bets threatening the integrity and competition of sports. As a result, several states have taken action to ban or restrict player prop betting on college athletes. Louisiana is among these states, joining Maryland, Ohio, and Vermont in banning such bets.

However, not all states are taking similar measures. Some only allow player prop betting on college teams located outside of their state, while others have no restrictions on such bets altogether. North Carolina is one such state that has no restrictions on college player props.

In response to Baker’s call to action, several other states are considering banning college player prop bets as well. New Jersey, Kansas, and Wyoming are just a few examples of states that are currently considering such measures. Wyoming is set to discuss its proposed ban at a meeting on May 9th, following in the footsteps of other states working to address the threats posed by prop bets in college sports.

Overall, it seems that many states are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that player prop bets can have on college athletes and sports as a whole. While some may face challenges in identifying players who may be impacted by these new rules, it appears that many are taking steps to protect their citizens and ensure that their gambling industry remains safe and regulated for all involved.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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