Washington Considers Implementing New Rules in Response to Change Healthcare Incident

Washington is taking decisive action to address the technology underpinning the health care sector, following a cyberattack on a payments processing company. The incident, which involved ransomware attacking Change Healthcare and bringing payments to pharmacies and hospitals to a standstill, has highlighted the vulnerabilities in critical technology infrastructure that many health care providers and insurers rely on daily.

As a result, policymakers and lobbyists have been working tirelessly to develop strategies to prevent future attacks. These strategies include tying federal aid to cybersecurity requirements and creating new voluntary standards through public-private partnerships.

The attack on Change Healthcare demonstrated just how vulnerable one company’s technology can be, leading some lawmakers to call for mandatory cybersecurity standards in the health care industry. They are demanding regular audits of companies’ systems and processes to ensure they are secure against cyber threats.

Federal regulators have faced criticism for not being adequately prepared and not acting quickly enough in response to the incident. However, they are now taking steps to improve their cybersecurity protocols and protect the health care sector from future attacks.

Overall, the incident highlights the need for greater investment in cybersecurity measures across all industries, including health care. By working together, policymakers, lobbyists, companies, and regulators can help ensure that critical technology infrastructure is protected against cyber threats and that our health care system remains secure and reliable for all Americans.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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