New affordable strong lager options now available at stores for less than three euros

The new law allowing grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages with a maximum strength of eight percent has come into force. Stores in the S and K groups have been stocking shelves with new products, including wines and beers. The law, passed by Parliament, raised the alcohol limit for beverages sold in grocery stores from 5.5 percent to eight percent.

Several stores, such as the Sokos Helsingin S-market and Postitalo K-Supermarket in Helsinki, have started selling popular eight percent wines. Prices for these wines are affordable, with some options available for around seven euros for a 0.75 liter bottle. In addition to wines, strong beers are also being sold at competitive prices.

The new selection of wines and beers with a maximum strength of eight percent has generated interest among consumers in both Kesko and S group stores nationwide. Over 200 wines falling under this category have been introduced for sale in Kesko stores alone, while customers across Finland have shown interest in these new products with a focus on wines in the S group stores. Sales are expected to increase towards the weekend as consumers purchase items for social gatherings. The availability of these products is especially beneficial in areas where there are no Alko stores.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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