The aftermath of the storm creates challenges for truckers and impacts the local economy

Over the weekend, Reno, Nevada experienced a significant disruption as I-80 was closed due to a storm. This caused thousands of truckers to be sidelined and resulted in delays for operations through the area. With over 6,000 trucks passing through Donner Pass every day, the impact of the closure was significant. According to Paul Enos, CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association, around 4.7 million dollars worth of goods pass over Donner Pass every hour, making the closure felt throughout the region.

Despite efforts to estimate the impact of the closure, Enos notes that it is difficult due to the variety of goods being transported and inflation rates. However, it is clear that local communities are greatly affected when truckers cannot travel through Donner Pass. Perishable goods such as milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables are especially affected when the pass is closed as grocery stores only have about three days worth of food available.

When highways like I-80 are closed by agencies like CalTrans or NDOT, visibility and traction are key considerations. Additionally, the ability to respond quickly to truckers who may get stuck is crucial. Factors like the amount of ice, wind speed and availability of response equipment all play a role in determining closures. Currently, I-80 is open and updated information on chain controls can be found online.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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