Partnerships Between Retailers and Health Systems Can Enhance Patient Care

The healthcare industry is facing a crisis. With the growing costs, inconsistent quality of care and inadequate access to primary and other types of care, the challenges are becoming increasingly complex. To address these issues, a potential solution is to form partnerships with retailers. Retailers have largely focused on providing consumers with a convenient way to obtain basic care for one-off services such as taking a throat culture, treating an ear infection or administering a flu vaccine. By partnering with retailers, health systems can tap into this existing infrastructure to improve access to care.

In the future, retailers and health systems can collaborate to provide comprehensive care for complex conditions, offer care in patients’ homes and leverage data to improve clinical care and customer experiences. They can also work together to address the labor shortage in healthcare. This partnership has the potential to greatly improve the healthcare system and address the current challenges it faces. By working together, they can provide better quality care at lower costs while ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need.

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