A Liberal Approach to Housing: Guillaume Kasbarian’s Reshuffle

In recent years, the housing market has been struggling and the new Minister Delegate in charge of Housing, Guillaume Kasbarian, is determined to revitalize it. With a focus on economic issues and experience as the head of the Economic Affairs Committee, Kasbarian is known for his outspokenness and commitment to addressing the crisis.

One of his key proposals is an anti-squatter law that increases sanctions by three. However, he also plans to implement supply shock measures through two strong initiatives aimed at allocating social housing to mayors and modifying the SRU law. Despite his opposition to repainting roofs white to reduce heat during heatwaves, Kasbarian takes full responsibility for his new role.

Kasbarian has also spoken openly about his origins and commitment to helping the Armenian people, making him a suitable candidate for this important position. It’s unclear what other links are included in the content submitted, but their relevance to this article is unclear.

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