Copilot AI feature in Notepad to provide document content explanations, being tested by Microsoft

Microsoft recently introduced a new feature in Notepad for Windows Insiders called ‘Explain with Copilot’. This feature allows users to get explanations about any type of content selected in their document with the assistance of Copilot AI. To use this function, the user can simply highlight any part of the text and right click on it. By clicking ‘Explain with Copilot’ or pressing the ‘Ctrl + E’ keys, the AI assistant will enable a detailed explanation.

This update is part of a range of new features implemented by Microsoft in order to improve user experience. The new ‘Explain with Copilot’ feature is now available in the Windows Notepad application and is designed to help users quickly understand the contents of their text files. However, some users may be unable to access this feature at the moment due to a known issue detailed by Microsoft.

In addition to this update, Microsoft has also released an update in the Snipping Tool to version 11.2401.32.0. This update includes the ability to add shapes to screenshots using the Snipping Tool. Users will now be able to add rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows to their screenshots in these forms and change their fill and outline color as well for better differentiation from image colors.

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