BTG Positioning Systems Collaborates with GPR for State-of-the-Art Port Automation Technology – Inside GNSS

BTG Positioning Systems and GPR Ground Positioning Radar have recently agreed on a multi-year contract worth $40 million to develop and supply advanced positioning technology for seaports. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance automation in seaports, which are vital hubs in the global trade network and handle approximately 80% of international trade.

The complexities of seaport environments, such as limited visibility, variable weather conditions, unreliable GNSS signals, and high sensor costs, have historically hindered the widespread adoption of automated vehicles and cranes. However, the partnership between BTG and GPR introduces a unique approach to positioning autonomous port equipment by using ground-penetrating radar. This technology aims to improve accuracy and reliability across all visibility conditions, potentially reducing the financial barriers to automation for port operators by lowering both initial investment and ongoing operational costs.

The exclusivity agreement grants BTG the sole rights to use GPR’s technology within seaport applications. The partnership aims to overcome the automation bottleneck in ports by eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure typically required for positioning systems, facilitating broader implementation of autonomous guided vehicles and gantry cranes.

Diek Neurdenburg, CEO of BTG Positioning Systems, emphasized the significance of the new system, highlighting its potential to match the precision and reliability of traditional positioning systems without dependency on infrastructure. Moran David, CEO of GPR, underscored the collaboration’s intent to advance autonomous transportation in ports by integrating GPR’s technology into BTG’s suite of solutions as a step towards realizing a fully automated port environment.

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