Compatibility of Apple Devices: Which iPhones are Compatible with Apple Intelligence

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled a range of generative AI features under the umbrella of Apple Intelligence. These features will be available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users and will be rolled out to US users for free later in the year. One of the highlights is the revamped Siri, which will now be powered by Apple Intelligence and offer more functionality by accessing specific actions within apps.

To access these new AI features, users will need to have one of the latest iPhone models, a fairly modern iPad, or a Mac with an M1 chip. The AI tasks will be primarily managed on the device itself, utilizing the chips within the Apple devices. In addition, users can choose to integrate ChatGPT for certain tasks, making the experience more seamless.

Appleā€™s launch of Apple Intelligence comes at a time when iPhone sales are declining. As people hold onto their devices for longer periods, it becomes increasingly challenging to entice them to upgrade. However, with this new technology on offer, Apple aims to reverse this trend.

Apple Intelligence presents an opportunity for users to consider upgrading their devices. While it may seem like an added expense, it could ultimately provide significant benefits in terms of functionality and convenience.

Ultimately, iPhone owners will need to weigh the benefits of Apple Intelligence and decide if it is compelling enough to warrant an upgrade. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, however, it’s likely that many will see its value and make the switch to newer models.

As more people begin upgrading their devices thanks to this new technology from Apple Intelligence

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